Books Written

Lee Faber at work

Lee’s American-Anglo background and her great love of the culinary arts have resulted in a niche speciality—Americanizing and Anglicising cookery books and testing recipes. She works with many major publishers in the US and UK and has recently added computer on-screen editing to her skills. She works with Adobe Creative Suite and has several versions on her computers.

So far, Lee has authored and had published eleven books. "Grandmother's Wisdom", published in several different languages and relaunched in 2012 with a new cover design, is a charming little book with hints and tips about almost everything. It would be a good birthday or Christmas present for just about anyone! It has received a lot of publicity with Lee being interviewed by a dozen radio stations. To date over 38,000 copies have been sold in the UK.

Grandmother's Wisdom

"I Love You Granny", reprinted as "A Book for Granny", is full of inspirational ideas and practical wisdom and includes heart-warming and amusing true stories of amazing grannies.

A Book for Granny

"Angels--Divine Messengers and Personal Guardians" is a much more ethereal subject. The book is interspersed with some lovely artwork (pity it's had to be reproduced in black and white) by three of Lee's friends.

Angels--Divine Messengers and Personal Guardians

Other books written and published are "Healthy Oils", "Aloe Vera", "Berries", "Juices and Smoothies", "Beginner's Guide to Raising Chickens", "Raising Pigs", "Raising Goats" and "A Book of Angels".

Lee's most challenging cookery project in 2012-2013 was ghostwriting The Azerbaijani Kitchen for Saqi Books in conjunction with the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture, which was published in April 2014.

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